External wall insulation

Reduce your energy consumption through external wall insulation, provided by EcoRenders in Benfleet.

Is your home wasting too much energy?

When people think about heat loss in the home, they usually consider loft spaces, windows and doors as the main culprits, but heat lost through walls can have quite an impact too! If you’re concerned about your energy consumption, external wall insulation may just be the ideal solution. Talk to our team to find out how much you could benefit from wall insulation.

External wall insulation is the smart choice:

      • Heat loss deduction
      • Reduced damp condensation
      • Weather and sound proofing qualities
      • Attractive finishes
      • Improved property value
      • No impact on living space

Helping to reduce energy consumption

The process involves adding a layer of insulation material to a building wall and then applying rendering to reinforce and provide an additional layer or cover. There are many different types of finishes available, including brick slips, textured and pebble dash, so as well as reducing heat loss, you can also benefit from an attractive finish that’s tailored to your specific taste. If you want to start reducing your energy consumption, get in touch today. Based in Benfleet, we operate across Essex.

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